ThingWorx Delivers Industrial Innovation ThingWorx is the industry-leading industrial innovation platform that is designed to rapidly deliver IIoT applications and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that unlock the value of the converged digital and physical worlds.

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The ThingWorx platform is field-proven to accelerate industrial innovation – including the rapid development of industrial IoT applications, AR experiences and more.   It includes technologies and tools that enable the industrial enterprise to quickly and easily develop, deploy and extend IoT apps and game-changing AR experiences. ThingWorx offers the flexibility to be deployed in a variety of ways and is supported by a vibrant partner ecosystem.

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"In just six short weeks, we’ve gained more visibility into our operations than ever before, reinforcing our investment and belief in the power of the IoT. We can now make smarter and timelier decisions that not only impact our CNC shop, but also help us identify how we can operate more efficiently and profitably across all of our facilities."
Justin Hester, Senior Researcher, HIROTEC AMERICA

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