ThingWorx Platform Solutions for Smart Cities With ThingWorx and our global partner ecosystem, you can rapidly build and deploy IoT applications and city-wide platforms.

Smart City Opportunity

By 2025, IoT initiatives are estimated to reach $1.7T of annual economic impact in cities. From Power and Energy to Lighting, Smart Buildings and Water, IoT is changing the way cities manage services, systems and infrastructure.

Industrial IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

ThingWorx technology and partner ecosystem reduces the time, cost and risk associated with creating IoT solutions for today’s connected world.

Smart City IoT solutions:

  • Enhance infrastructure and deliver smart connected solutions such as smart lighting, parking and environmental monitoring
  • Create more efficient and cost-effective municipal services
  • Enhance public transportation, reduce traffic congestion and improve quality of life
  • Keep citizens safe and engaged in their community
  • Foster higher education and technology job opportunities with open innovation



DeviceLynk enables remote monitoring of buildings and critical infrastructure, increasing operational efficiencies and creating new market solutions.

DvM Technology

DvM Technology enables cities with smart meters and electrical energy production data to increase efficiency and energy quality.


DEPsys leverages IoT to monitor and control low-mid voltage power grids, enabling efficient integration of renewable energy sources at decentralized points and energy stakeholders.
Read the DEPsys Case Study.


Fybr solves IoT and parking challenges with a robust technology stack.

The Power of the Platform in Smart Cities

This IDC Technology Spotlight explores how Smart City platforms are essential for integrating smart technologies, enabling the rapid delivery of new applications and creating a connected Smart City ecosystem.

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ThingWorx Supports Smart City Initiatives

ThingWorx Platform Solutions for Smart Cities

Learn how the ThingWorx platform and partner ecosystem enables the rapid delivery of game changing smart city IoT solutions

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Smart City Blog Posts

Learn about the trends, challenges, and successes in implementing Smart City solutions

ThingWorx Partner Ecosystem
Partner with thought leaders to create IoT solutions that will take Smart Cities to the next level.

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ThingWorx Platform
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Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens

Citizen engagement accelerates Smart City success. Explore how open-source data and applications can inspire innovation and change.