Careers in the Products Organization and Research and Development

PTC Finance Team

Delivering Innovative Products to a Global Industrial Landscape

The products organization at PTC is at the forefront of innovation in computer aided design (CAD), product lifecycle management (PLM), augmented reality (AR), and Internet of Things (IoT).

With some of the most innovative creators in technology platforms and solutions, our teams continue to break new ground and give PTC its competitive edge.

PTC is an incredibly unique place to work. In R&D, you are empowered to drive huge change without the typical bureaucracy of a company this size. Working on super-interesting projects in Industrial IoT and augmented reality, you are shaping the world’s most innovative technologies!
Ibrahim Fakhoury, Senior Manager - Technical Writing, Haifa, Israel
PTC gives employees an opportunity to grow and explore different career paths.
Nick Samardzija, Product Management Specialist, PLM, Boston, MA, USA
I love working at PTC because I feel empowered to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself with new experiences. For example, although I began my career in finance, I was able to transition to the products organization where I have been able to expand my skill sets and share my unique experiences and perspective with the team.
Aren Imsong, Product Development Transformation Office, Program Manager, Boston, MA, USA
PTC offers great opportunities to develop your career as it works on finding the sweet spot between the business needs and your area of interest. In addition, it has a long and good standing with its customers while continuously expanding into new accounts and future technologies. Therefore, it never gets boring.
~ Kornelius Heer, Senior IoT & AR Field Engineer, Gothenburg Sweden