Careers in Marketing

Our marketing team promotes the PTC brand story and drives demand generation to a global market.
PTC Finance Team

Driving PTC Brand Awareness and Demand Generation

PTC’s marketing function is dedicated to driving and promoting the brand story, reputation, and experience to the market and ultimately turning sales leads into business for the organization.

Marketing Functions at PTC

At PTC, global marketing is comprised of two separate teams: Corporate Marketing and Commercial Marketing.

  • Corporate Marketing consists of Corporate Brand, PR/Communications, and Experiential Marketing.
  • Commercial Marketing consists of Demand Generation, Solution/Product Marketing, Partner Marketing, Digital Experience Optimization, and Field Marketing.


PTC has a great inclusive and entrepreneurial culture, that inspires me to think differently, debate new ideas and collaborate with a set of very passionate colleagues. I can not only be my authentic self everyday at PTC but also push the boundaries of creativity.
Sandy Mallik, Senior Marketing Manager, Bangalore, India
PTC offers me the possibility to grow professionally, I feel my work is recognized and I appreciate the flexibility, facts that among others keep my motivation up. Most importantly, I am lucky to be part of a great team, and surrounded by terrific colleagues who make me love being part of the PTC family.
Paloma Lucas Jambrina, Partner Marketing Specialist, Hamburg, Germany
We’re a creative group of metrics-driven marketers. PTC offers constant opportunities to develop world-class skills and a truly international career.
Devin Cleary, Vice President, Experiential Marketing, Boston, MA, USA