Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We know that individuals are at their best when they feel they can be their most authentic selves. Here at PTC, we strive to create an inclusive workplace culture and an environment in which employees feel supported and positioned for success.

Our commitment

DEI is critical to how we think about our employee culture, our engagement with our customers and partners, and the communities in which we work and live.

Our definition of DEI is intentionally broad and includes many groups, united by purpose. Our goal is to drive meaningful change and take bold action to create an environment where we can all be our best, both personally and professionally. We are also committed to embedding equity into every part of the organization, promoting an innovative, inclusive forward-thinking culture that supports high-performing teams.

  • Diversity: A variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that includes peoples of different ethnicities, races, religions, genders, gender identifications, sexual orientations, geographic locations, roles, tenure, physical abilities, ages, education, social classes, veteran status, and beyond.
  • Equity: The process of focusing on diversity and inclusion wherein all people, regardless of their identity, have fair access, opportunity, and resources to grow, contribute, and develop.
  • Inclusion: The behaviors and social norms that ensure unique strengths and facets of identity are understood, embraced, and leveraged to make people feel welcome, valued, and supported.

Why DEI matters in the workplace

Our future growth is dependent on the ability to attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce of talented and engaged employees who believe in the purpose of PTC.

“PTC for All — one of our core values — requires us to build inclusive practices across our policies, programs, and experiences. This is what will continue to make PTC a great place to work for current and future employees. We are building a culture of respect for all identities, cultures, and perspectives so that we can bring our best, most authentic selves to the workplace. That’s the way we win.” – Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller, Chief Diversity Officer and CSR Leader

It is important that our employees’ voices are heard, their perspectives are welcomed, and their impact is valued. We remain focused on maintaining a culture of innovation and inclusion. ~ Jim Heppelmann, President and Chief Executive Officer
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Employee resource groups

Our ERGs are based on shared characteristics, life experiences, or interests, and serve as talent incubators by providing employees with valuable leadership, mentorship, and networking opportunities. They are also a contributing factor in building a more inclusive work environment.




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Taryn Sheldrake

Quotation Mark

It is rewarding and inspiring to foster a supportive, open, and safe environment for our employees. As Co-Executive Sponsor of the Early in Career ERG, I am committed to empowering these aspiring leaders in developing their paths toward success, and helping to instill that no two paths will look the same! We understand that our company is stronger for it and I am personally looking forward to seeing these talented individuals continue to thrive.

Taryn Sheldrake, Early Career ERG Sponsor, SVP Global HR & Talent Executive

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