Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We embrace how powerful our differences make us and we’re harnessing the tremendous influence those qualities have on creating innovative digital solutions to transform the physical world. By recognizing the power in our diversity, ensuring we all have equitable opportunities to grow and contribute, and invigorating a culture wherein all people are welcome—we are creating the tomorrow we imagine today.

Defining DEI

Diversity: We’re on a mission to increase our organization’s representation and composition – everything from our personality, communication, internal factors, external factors, and organizational factors.

Equity: We strive to create an equitable experience for all by removing barriers to success and disrupting bias. This is different from equality – rather, ensuring everyone has a fair chance at success.

Inclusion: We’re building an inclusive culture by fostering belonging through our employee resource groups (ERGs) and ambassadors.

How we approach DEI at PTC

We’re weaving DEI principles and practices into what we do, from structures and processes to systems and products. This is a lasting commitment that begins with each of us inside PTC but will be felt far beyond our organization—we’re creating new opportunities for our employees to grow, and for our customers and communities to thrive.

We are a global, diverse, welcoming team of brilliant creators who simply understand great ideas can come from any of us, and the best ideas represent all of us. We know innovation can unify, inspire curiosity, and spark imagination. When it’s strengthened by differing viewpoints and varying perspectives, it can be truly transformational.

We don’t just imagine a better world; we help create it. Through our commitment to DEI and our collective Power To Create—we will continue to better the communities our employees live and work in globally, build a culture that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion so our employees can achieve their greatest potential, and help our customers solve difficult challenges.

Our four pillars of DEI

At PTC, our Power To Create helps us build a better world across four pillars of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

<span style="background-color: #f3f3f3; color: #323b42;">At PTC, our Power To Create helps us build a better world across four pillars of diversity, equity, and inclusion.</span>

Our employees

We’re creating a diverse and inclusive workplace through equitable talent programs and processes that mitigate bias.

Our community

We’re uniting with purpose and aligning values to business partnerships and community action.

Our products

We’re promoting inclusive strategy, language, and design in everything that we create.

Our partners and customers

We’re empowering employees to bring DEI and ‘PTC for All’ values into our customer and partner experience.

Our global impact

In 2023, PTC received recognition as a Great Place to Work in 16 countries. We are continually working to build a globally diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture to attract, select, develop, and retain top talent.

We hold ourselves accountable by establishing systems to track our employee demographics and monitor our talent pipeline.

Foster a culture of belonging that supports diversity and inclusion so our employees can achieve their greatest potential.

Better the communities where our employees live and work globally through action, partnerships, and product donations.

FY23 Impact Report 2023

Our 2023 Impact Report shares our initiatives, progress, and work we’re doing to address the challenges we as a global community face.

Highlighted in the report is our Power to Create purpose, our values, and our commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion among our employees, especially through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Global Ambassador Groups, talent programs, and community partnerships.

Read the Report