Title When registering J-Link applications, the java.exe process will have the full CPU usage of one processor (freezing a single-processor host) on future dates beginning on the 10th of January 2004. (timeout issue, which is not solved by the patched nmsd.exe) 
Product Pro/ENGINEER  Module J-Link  TAN ID 124109  Created 02-JAN-04 
Workstation All  Reported In Release 2001  Reported In Datecode 2003161 
SPR 1067760  Resolved In Release 2001  Resolved In Datecode 2003441 
When launching J-Link applications after the 10th of January 2004, the java.exe process will take full usage of one processor. Depending on the system and on the applications running, the host will either freeze completely or run with significant performance loss. For example on a single-processor host the task manager (once it comes up) will show 99-100 % CPU usage. On a dual-processor host, one processor will show 49-50 % CPU usage in the task manager, but the second processor will not be affected, so that the issue may not be noticed, as long as no task is running parallel with Pro/ENGINEER.

These issue will still occur after the nmsd patch is applied for Pro/ENGINEER.

Alternate Technique
A patch is available on the Technical Resource Page (http://www.ptc.com/go/timeout/technical_resource.htm) that can be downloaded to resolve the increase in CPU usage for the Releases 2000i2 and 2001. Please see the individual J-Link pages for the download and installation instructions.
For Wildfire a full installation is recommended to solve the issue. Patches will not be available.
For any case that seems related to the timeout issue, but is not handled by the timeout pages, contact Technical Support directly for further help.

This issue is resolved in Pro/ENGINEER 2001 2003441 and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2003490 (these new CD images are available for download).