Software Engineering Executive

Differentiate Products through Software Innovation

As a software engineering leader, you understand that software drives new product innovation, brings down the costs of product variants and improves customer satisfaction. However, you are equally aware that the addition of software into your products adds a level of complexity to the development process that many organizations are not accustomed to addressing. 

Software Drives Innovation and Creates Competitive Advantage
Over the last decade, a critical shift has occurred whereby it is now software that delivers a significant amount of functionality in many manufactured products. Beyond entertainment features in your cell phone, software provides a vast array of safety features in automobiles, advanced conveniences within household appliances and even lifesaving capabilities in medical devices.

This shift means manufacturing leaders must address the vast complexities that come with incorporating software, electrical and mechanical disciplines into a common development environment. Producing better products globally requires a holistic approach to people, process and technology; we at PTC are trusted partners for achieving a product and service advantage.