Product Data Management

Manufacturers everywhere struggle to effectively manage engineering data. It seems easy at first to keep track of concept designs, engineering models, technical drawings, and assemblies. But with time, homegrown filing systems become a headache for product developers who need to find, re-use, and share data. Often, developers simply recreate what they need rather than try to locate an existing model.

Too bad, because Product Data Management (PDM) systems traditionally solve this problem — for large companies. And the smaller manufacturers? Well, until recently, many muddled through with saved files on their desktops and shared folders. That’s because, despite the smaller company’s needs, professional systems required more time and investment to reflect more complex processes.

Now, PTC solutions are changing the PDM landscape for these small and medium-sized companies. Here’s how:

The Challenge:  Product Data Management

The Challenge:

There are countless reasons why manufacturers need to better organize data, no matter the size of team. Read what experts say about managing data in smaller design teams as well as the impact it can have on medium-sized manufacturers.
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The Solution:  Product Data Management

The Solution:

Solutions from PTC combine the best Product Data Management capabilities with fast and easy installation and configuration, fast user ramp up, and ROI in months.
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The Evaluation:  Product Data Management

The Evaluation:

Choosing the right Product Data Management Tool can save you time, effort and money. Read one industry analyst's recommendations for evaluating PDM tools, calculate how much time PDM can save you, explore the benefits real customers enjoy, and then see which PTC PDM Solution is right for your company.
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