Systems Engineering

Managing Product Development Complexity with Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering: A New Take 

Engineering executives are challenged to deliver products on time with limited engineering resources, while improving overall quality. In order to achieve these goals, leaders must streamline the multi-disciplinary collaboration process across engineering teams. A systems engineering approach throughout product development can enable accurate verification and validation of all product requirements, creation of a flexible modular product architecture, and assurance of high product quality.

Systems Engineering: Complexity Challenge

Complexity Challenge

Winning new customers and establishing market leadership in an environment with increased product complexity requires producing the best product at the highest quality, faster than the competition. Best-in-class companies are taking a systems engineering approach to address complexity and develop superior products.
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Delivering Intelligent and Complex Products

Delivering Intelligent and Complex Products

Systems engineering is a critical practice companies need to adopt to deliver intelligent products successfully as products in nearly every industry today are quickly becoming smart, interconnected, software-intensive systems of systems. Systems engineering much adapt to address the challenges that come with this level of complexity and overcome the barriers that prevents success.
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Systems Engineering: Point of View

Point of View

Innovation drives complexity as products become software intensive systems. In this IEEE Spectrum and PTC webcast, learn ways to rethink our systems engineering approach to combat complexity in your product development environment.

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Systems Engineering: Analyst Insight

Analyst Insight

According to a recent Aberdeen Report leading companies are 50% more likely than their peers to credit their success to effective systems engineering, This report explores why systems engineering has gained strategic business importance
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Whirlpool Corporation: Software Driving Product Complexity

Whirlpool Corporation: Software Driving Product Complexity

Home appliances have evolved into highly complex consumer products to meet the growing needs of diverse global markets. While the use of software has enabled Whirlpool Corporation to deliver even greater features for their global customers, it has also introduced greater complexity to the engineering process. Watch this video from engineering leaders at Whirlpool, to hear how they manage the software, hardware and electronics that make up a home appliance.
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