Engineering Executive

Leading the Transformation

As an engineering executive with responsibility for product development, you are driven to reduce costs, improve products and get to market faster. But without continuous and accurate product information and effective processes to develop and support those products, your corporate profitability can be placed at risk.

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Transform your organization to reduce costs, improve quality and accelerate innovation

To compete effectively and sustain and cultivate success, your organization must continuously strive for excellence both in the products you deliver and the service you provide. If your business only excels in one area, or if you’re unable to deliver successful product introductions repeatedly, any gains achieved will be short-lived.

In today’s global market, the only way to stay ahead of your competition is to provide better products, better service and a better customer experience every time. With an approach that consists of mutual value planning and a holistic recommendation for people, processes, technology and governance to ensure the realization of value, we at PTC are your trusted partner for product and service advantage.

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As an engineering leader in today’s manufacturing world, you are challenged with balancing and achieving these strategic areas of your business:

  • Reduce Time-to-Market: Outpacing competitors and taking market share means fast-tracking new product introductions.
  • Reduce Product Development Costs: Driving organizational value means more efficiently managing your processes and people.
  • Reduce Product Costs: Meeting your targets means having full visibility to accurate cost data early in the product development process.
  • Improve Product Quality: Staying competitive means incorporating continuous improvements to build products that don’t fail.
  • Accelerate Product Innovation: Securing your leadership position means quickly and consistently delivering market winning products that anticipate and exceed customer demands.
  • Streamline Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring your product’s success requires adherence to a growing set of regulatory requirements and mitigating sources of product risk.
  • Improve Global Product Development: Driving business growth in new markets requirescombining local market knowledge with global engineering know-how

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