Sales and Service Executive

Optimize Product and Service Performance

As a sales or service leader, you understand how complex it is for your organization to integrate the voice of the customer into your products’ early lifecycle stages, and then to continue the relationship your customer by optimally servicing those products in the field to increase revenue, profitability and customer value.

Increase Customer Value by Connecting Requirements, Product and Service

PTC solutions enable your sales and engineering organizations to not only capture and utilize customer requirements within the creation of a product, but to continuously obtain information on the product’s performance in the field. In this way, you can improve service delivery to your customer and enhance the design of new generations of products.

Maximize Product and Service Performance

Great products and product performance equal high customer value. Yet many manufacturers are not benefiting from the customer-requirement and product-performance information that is generated throughout a product’s lifecycle. The communication problem stems from disconnected systems and a lack of connection between sales, service and engineering organizations.  PTC solutions address this problem by making product information central to sales and service and providing a single view across the install base. By accessing and applying the latest product requirements and information at all points in the lifecycle, your teams can work more effectively with fewer mistakes and deliver the highest value to your customers.  The result is a continuous loop of product and service improvements.