Corporate Responsibility

PTC is committed to corporate responsibility through a concept of Social Responsibility through Shared Value. We do this by investing in our employees, the communities in which they live and work, and through our business partners who share the same vision.

As a company, PTC has donated millions of dollars through in-kind giving and sponsorships with organizations like FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and other non-profits that motivate, inspire, and encourage young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Also, through company organized initiatives like our annual Week of Caring and Earth Week programs, we actively encourage employees to find ways to volunteer and give back to their communities.

We believe that investing in our employees and the communities where we do business is an important part of building a healthy, successful company. When we share the same vision for the future with the partners around us, everyone wins.

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PTC’s Commitment to Education

PTC’s Commitment to EducationAt PTC, we believe our future and the sustained success for our 27,000 customers depend upon future generations of scientists and engineers. Having access to a modern product development education designed around real-world challenges is paramount to that success. That’s why the PTC is committed to supporting individuals and institutions that inspire and support our next generation of engineers.

We want to deliver an academic advantage for students by providing them with industry standard design, calculation, and collaboration software used by the world’s leading product development companies, and pairs it with industry-recognized training programs and curriculum.

PTC’s K-12 program focuses on the product development process from which students learn about how products are made, from early concept design to service in the field. For more than 15 years, our team of engineers and educators has been working with schools to enhance the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

At the university level, PTC provides the tools to instructors to deliver a modern product development education to ensure students are receiving an education that is relevant to the industry. We extend this commitment to our commercial customers by enabling industry-recognized training at educational institutions to even better prepare both current students and graduates for their careers.

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PTC in the Community

PTC in the CommunityPTC believes that investing in our global community is an important responsibility. Our dedication to social responsibility includes investing in programs to enable and encourage our employees to give back to the communities where they live and work and through a variety of employee sponsored programs like PTC Week of Caring and PTC Earth Week.

Additional community outreach programs include the PTC Employee Match Program, which supports our employees’ charitable efforts by matching the monetary contributions given – from $50 to $200 USD per year – to eligible non-profit organizations. Our Community Volunteer Day program is designed to encourage our employees to take two “work” days per fiscal year to participate in non-profit volunteer activities. These two days are considered work days, not paid time off.

PTC and the Environment

PTC and the EnvironmentPTC supports an employee-led, environmental and sustainability team with two main goals:

  1. Identifying green initiatives and opportunities for improvement globally, as we look for efficiency gains and energy savings throughout all functions of our company (e.g. lights, technology usage)
  2. Emphasizing employee engagement and education around environmental and sustainability issues with virtual trainings and meetings, local events, and internal communications

PTC Sustainability is about a commitment to the environment and is an important aspect of corporate sustainability. We believe that PTC already has a reasonably light environmental footprint as a software company, but we want to do more. We encourage our global workforce to take a look at what they can do to be more “green” in their home and the communities they live in. Our global offices incorporate a variety of ongoing sustainability programs.

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