Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

PTC Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

With service revenues growing, your goal is to ensure that customers achieve maximum value over a product’s entire lifecycle. You need a consolidated view of service that connects service planning, delivery and analysis. PTC’s approach to Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) optimizes the system of people, processes and technology to enable greater service performance and improvement. The result? Service organizations become more strategic and focused on growth and profitability.

Connecting the Planning, Delivery and Analysis of Service

Service teams are often managed functionally in silos with a focus only on improving individual service processes such as customer support, spare parts planning, and warranty. This disparate approach fails to realize the benefits of a cross-functional, “full service lifecycle” approach – especially as it relates to customer expectations for your products throughout the service lifecycle. PTC’s SLM system with best-in-class solutions enables optimization of all service operations and empowers companies to transform themselves into strategic service organizations that increase revenue, profitability and customer value.