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Improve Efficiency and Optimize Service Opportunities to Increase Profitability


The goal of your service organization is to deliver the best service at the right time and place to satisfy the customer’s service experience. The challenge is how to do it profitably. If your organization is wrought with inefficiencies that prevent profitability, the cause is likely a fragmented service network and outdated business processes. There is no consolidated view of service and product performance history for all to draw upon to improve real-time service decisions. Your organization is unable to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

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Disconnected service functions and systems lead to profit eating inefficiencies such as wrong parts ordered or delivered to field technicians, warranty and contract costs that could have been avoided with the right information on hand, time-consuming errors during service events, low worker productivity, and other wasted resources and efforts.

service-profitability-impact.jpg What’s Possible

Arming your service network with up-to-date service information, parts inventory for service calls, and real-time warranty coverage data gives service teams the knowledge they need to more efficiently and profitably perform service tasks. At a strategic level your organization has visibility into service and product performance that enables you to plan, deliver and analyze service outcomes to optimize profitability.

Process Improvement Opportunities

The most successful companies accelerate service improvements by transforming one or more of these key processes:

  • Equipment Lifecycle Management: Deliver preemptive service recommendations, capture performed service events and track the as-maintained equipment configuration throughout the life of a product to optimize availability.
  • Service and Parts Order and Delivery: Optimize service scheduling, execution, and tracking based on service network resources, installed base geography, and equipment performance history.
  • Performance Analysis and Feedback: Analyze historical product and service performance information to enable continual product improvement and service delivery optimization.

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