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Aristides Guitars
Aristides Instruments is cultivating a new league of guitar heroes with revolutionary new guitars. Founder Aristides Poort and his team developed a new fiberglass material called Arium, new design approaches, and new methods of manufacturing guitars.
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  • EMC: Transforming Customer Service with Agility

    EMC Customer Story: Transforming Customer Service with Agility and Optimizing the Customer Experience

  • Flowserve’s Engineering Strategy for Gaining Product Advantage

    Flowserve's CTO and VP of Research and Development discusses how their product development strategy connects their global engineering teams, keeps the customer in focus, and enables Flowserve to deliver the highest quality product. Learn more.

  • 21st Century Harvesting, Great Plains and PTC Creo

    In the 17th century, wooden plows were some of the most sophisticated tools available to farmers. Today, farmers grow record crops through innovative farming systems and the use of cutting-edge technology.

  • The Rambøll Group deploys PTC Mathcad

    The Rambøll Group, headquartered in Copenhagen, is the Nordic region's leading engineering company, offering full-service consultancy services in infrastructure, telecommunications, building, health, industry, oil/gas, energy, environment, IT and management.

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology

    The British Columbia Institute of Technology Nuclear Medicine Technology program prepares students in medical imaging careers. Nuclear medicine uses biological tracers combined with radioactive materials to help diagnose and manage diseases.

  • PTC Windchill FMEA Raises Reliability of Emergency Alert System

    Reliability of the care provided at residential care facilities is a major concern of residents and their families. Understanding and sharing this concern, one residential care facility contracted with PTC Windchill FMEA to perform a failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) on their emergency alert system (EAS) and its supporting processes.

  • University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Treks Across Australian Outback

    The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project recently completed a journey that began with the design of a new Solar Vehicle and ended on the other side of the world in a race across the Australian Outback. Learn more.

  • Managing Software: Key Element of Whirlpool´s Success

    Patrick Glotzbach and Chip Stenger describe Whirlpool´s approach to managing hardware, software and electronic throughout the product lifecycle of home appliances. Learn more.

  • NACD BoardVision: Compliance and Conflict Minerals

    The NACD interviews experts from Motorola Mobility, Ernst and Young, and PTC for insights that board members and executives can use when guiding their companies to achieve Conflict Minerals compliance. Learn more.

  • Philips: Improving Lives through Meaningful Innovation

    Philips' mission is to improve people's lives through meaningful innovation.Philips is undergoing a global transformation in order to put the right product information in the hands of the teams who need it. Learn more about their story.

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Results 1-10 of 105