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Ensuring product quality is always a tremendous challenge for manufacturers and with the introduction of more software-intensive products, the challenges have reached a nearly unmanageable level. Now you have to be able to manage mechanical, electrical/electronic and software components and their interdependencies. To ensure product quality, you have to be able to verify each component meets the requirements independently as well as for the system as a whole. Inconsistent processes, disconnected test cases and lack of visibility make it difficult ― if not impossible ― for organizations to predict and track quality.



When software quality is compromised, you are often faced with product delays, lost productivity and higher costs for product support and development. In the most severe cases, quality issues result in recalls and poor customer satisfaction that damage your brand and jeopardize your competitive advantage.

logo-cvrx.png CVRx is a privately held medical device company that has developed proprietary active, implantable technology for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart failure. CVRx selected PTC’s solution for its flexibility and integration of multiple disciplines in a single solution ― providing comprehensive traceability between artifacts. By using PTC’s solution, CVRx has compressed development cycles, improved productivity, mitigated risks, and streamlined regulatory and internal reporting.


What's Possible

With continuous real-time visibility, your development teams can improve processes to better predict, track and systematically resolve quality issues. The adoption of consistent processes and reuse of "quality proven" components give your team better control of software quality amid increasing product complexity. This allows you to deliver products on target, keep your customers satisfied and protect your brand.

Process Improvement Opportunities

The most successful companies improve software quality by transforming one or more of these key processes:

  • Requirements Definition and Management: Translate the voices of customers into prioritized requirements, targets and constraints while establishing bidirectional traceability between requirements, analysis documentation, product designs, bills-of-materials (BOMs) and verification data.
  • Quality and Reliability Management: Conduct systematic planning, prediction and simulation to ensure designs meet reliability and lifecycle cost targets.
  • Detailed Development: Define the product design completely, such that it meets requirements and is sufficiently documented for manufacturing.

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