Increase Customer Value Through Service

Enhancing Customers’ Value Means Meeting or Exceeding Their Service Experience and Product Performance Expectations



Delivering high customer value is at the center of any successful business. And the role service plays in that customer experience is critical as the face of the company during the after-sales life span. But successfully managing the complex service lifecycle across your global install base is downright challenging, often due to a fragmented service environment. When such functions as field service, the contact center, spare parts and warranty cannot capture and share vital service information, each operates at a serious disadvantage. This puts your service organization at risk for slow resolution times, unavailable service parts, high equipment downtime and poor service outcomes — putting successful customer experiences at risk over and over again.


The voice of one disappointed customer can quickly influence many other customers and potential customers when your service or product performance fails to meet expectations. Low customer satisfaction leads to low customer retention and erodes not only your service revenue and profits, but your overall brand reputation and market share.


What’s Possible

Connecting the service network through a single view of product and service information — which includes the knowledge of how products are intended to perform and be serviced, preferred parts availability and real-time warranty coverage — enables smarter decisions at the point of service, to give the customer experience a greater chance at success. Visibility into product and service performance gives your organization the strategic ability to plan, deliver and analyze service outcomes for continuous improvement. You can now exceed customers' expectations and deliver the greatest value for their money to keep them coming back.

Process Improvement Opportunities

The most successful companies accelerate service improvements by transforming one or more of these key processes:

  • Equipment Lifecycle Management: Deliver preemptive service recommendations, capture performed service events and track the as-maintained equipment configuration throughout the life of a product to optimize availability.
  • Service and Parts Order and Delivery: Optimize service scheduling, execution and tracking based on service network resources, installed base geography and equipment performance history.
  • Performance Analysis and Feedback: Analyze historical product and service performance information to enable continual product improvement and service delivery optimization.

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