Supply Chain Executive

As a supply chain or sourcing executive, you are challenged with constant pressure to reduce cost, improve quality and ensure the continual operation of your multitiered supply network and global manufacturing and distribution enterprise. Additionally, you must be ready to react to market changes, customer demands and regulatory requirements faster than ever before.

Early Visibility Increases Success

Since your company’s success depends on a high-performing supply chain, getting the right suppliers involved upfront — in the earliest phases of product planning — is critical. Failure to do so can lead to unwanted complexity, noncompliance, missed delivery schedules, production downtime and deteriorating customer satisfaction.

To address these challenges, you must be able to optimize supply chain design early in the product planning and development processes. By strategically aligning the supply chain with the fundamental processes that drive product innovation, design and development, you will be able to rationalize components and suppliers, optimize direct material sourcing, speed production, reduce cost and mitigate risk.