Title Distributed Computing in [BMX] Does Not Function in Pro/ENGINEER Rel. 2001 Datecode 2003400 After 10-jan-2004 with Updated 'nmsd' Patch. 
Product Pro/ENGINEER  Module Behavioral Modeler  TAN ID 123988  Created 18-DEC-03 
Workstation All  Reported In Release 2001  Reported In Datecode 2003400 
SPR 1066901  Resolved In Release   Resolved In Datecode  
Distributed computing in [BMX] does not function in Pro/ENGINEER Rel. 2001 datecode 2003400 after 10-jan-2004 with updated 'nmsd' patch.

Alternate Technique
Please see resolution below.

The issue has been addressed in Pro/ENGINEER Rel.2001 datecode 2003441.