PTC Acquires OHIO Design Automation, Inc.

On April 8, 2004, PTC announced the acquisition of OHIO Design Automation, Inc., a leading provider of electronic design verification, visualization and collaboration technology. Learn more about this strategic acquisition by reading the press release and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). For Demos and downloads visit the OHIO-DA website at

Industry Perspectives

The acquisition shows PTC's commitment to closing the gap between mechanical and electronics design. Over time, the acquisition will allow PTC customers to better integrate electronic and mechanical product development into the enterprise level PLM process. The increased data sharing will improve component sourcing and collaborative design, while maintaining better process control over the system design process.

Michael Burkett
Research Director
AMR Research
"PTC Views High-tech Opportunity
With OHIO Design Acquisition
" 4/8/04

Unisys is extremely pleased about the acquisition of OHIO-DA by PTC. OHIO-DA and PTC are two important partners in our enterprise PLM initiative, and we are excited that they are working together to help us deliver high quality, low cost electronic products. When top-notch vendors join forces it makes for a better end user experience and my life easier.

Tim Saja
Windchill Program Manager

With electronics now appearing in nearly every new product across most industries, the need for effective, integrated design and management of mechanical and electronic components has become critical. However, to date leading PLM vendors have not adequately addressed the needs of electronic designÂ….PTC's investment in support of electronic design as part of a complete product definition environment is a strong step forward and represents a significant event for companies in all industries.

Ken Amann
Director of Research

PTC's acquisition of OHIO Design Automation, Inc. is evidence of PTC's strong commitment to the needs of electronics companies. OHIO-DA's flagship product, InterComm, provides an open EDA de facto standard for electronics design collaboration. Combined with PTC's PLM technology, the platform powerfully supports integrated board and mechanical design release across the supply chain.

Vasco Drecun
Partner, PLM Research Director
Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC