Success Path
Everything you need to know to upgrade your ThingWorx Platform

Go Live

Promote ThingWorx sites to production in order as planned

When you're ready to go live, promote ThingWorx application sites to your production environment. Share progress with stakeholders and update documentation. Once the app is live, notify users and teach them how to access the app.

Promote to Production

When you're ready to go live, the IT team promotes the upgrade to production. This means to deploy or "publish" the app, making it available to end-users.

During this process, we recommend the following:

  • Communicate the timing and progress of the deployment to the project team
  • Identify the systems that will experience an outage and communicate with the teams who manage or monitor them for issues
  • Back up the systems involved in case of issues, including ThingWorx Navigate, Windchill, and other systems you're connecting with via custom integrations. If you have followed a thorough DevOps process, your work should already be backed up
  • If you need to troubleshoot, do not make changes to the app in the production environment. If you make changes, update your documentation. In case of any code changes, quickly run out regression test suites
  • Run a quick smoke test after deployment to verify everything is working as expected.
  • Verify licenses
  • Double-check integrations for any data leakage
  • Monitor the systems closely for a few days after deployment

Once the app is live, notify the project team and stakeholders. The application is now collecting real data, communicating with your assets, and is available for use.

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Communicate Upgrade to End Users

The person or group responsible for communicating with end-users should notify all users that the app is live and ready to use. Refer to your communication plan and follow up on any remaining communication and training items.

Make sure your end users are aware of product changes and are ready to use the new functionality. They'll need to know:


  • What's changing in the app
  • About new features
  • How to log in
  • How to use the app
  • How to get support or training 
  • Where to find updated documentation
  • How to report issues

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Complete Project Retrospective or Evaluate Complete

Revisit your original goals and measure the business impact of the upgrade. Gather the data you need to measure success. Evaluate complete project retrospective, metrics, and feedback to identify opportunities to improve processes, reallocate resources, or change your approach on your next project. Reviewing these results can also help you reassess and strategize the next steps. It also helps you communicate positive outcomes as you encourage others to adopt the Upgrade ThingWorx Platform success path.

Explore questions like:

  • Did you achieve the outcome you identified for your use case through this upgrade project?
  • What went well throughout the project?
  • What was challenging?
  • What did you learn?
  • How could you have done things differently?
  • What are the benefits of using new features and functionalities through an upgrade compared to the previous version?
  • How can you improve for the next project?
  • Were the test plans and rollout plans effective?
  • Were there any skillsets missing from the project team?
  • Did overall communications and training plans go well?
  • Was the timeline appropriate?

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