Inspire the Next Generation of Manufacturers

Use our Smart Manufacturing comic book and app to showcase how augmented reality, IoT, and additive manufacturing are transforming modern manufacturing.

Make the Smart Manufacturing Comic Book Part of Your Story

Inspire young people by demonstrating that manufacturing in a smart connected world is filled with technology, advanced skills, and creativity.

Let them use the app and comic book to follow the story of superheroes manufacturing a drone. They’ll solve everyday challenges in manufacturing by making decisions about product design, retooling the factory, and performing service on a robot that is unexpectedly in need of repair.

How the Augmented Reality Experience Works

Once you have a printed version of the comic book, simply go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) on your device and download the Smart Manufacturing app.

Open the app and point your device’s camera at a target image on the pages of the comic book to launch the augmented reality experience and make the superheroes come to life.

Still have questions? Check out the comic book FAQ.

Download the Comic Book

How to Demonstrate It

Here are just a few ways to make the most of this asset on your Manufacturing Day:

  • Print the comic book and hang each of the pages to create a giant storyboard that students can follow with their phones
  • Share this video with teachers to get students excited ahead of their visits
  • Promote the comic book and app with this poster

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Download the Poster

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