Die digitale Transformation Journey in der Fertigung

Ungeplante Ausfallzeiten sind oft katastrophal. Die Folgen reichen von finanziellen Einbußen bis hin zum Verlust von Kunden. Erfahren Sie, wie eine digitale Transformation in der Fertigung Ihre betriebliche Effizienz verbessern kann.

Real-Time Issue Identification
Monitor the Status and Performance in Real Time

Unplanned downtime can be catastrophic, with results ranging from lost money to lost customers. Real-time issue identification allows factories to monitor the status and performance of assets, production processes, and product quality in real time. Workers can detect any anomalies through automated, rule-based anomaly detection, which in turn generates alerts via text, e-mail, web, and mobile dashboards.

Benefits to the factory:

  • Reduces unplanned downtime with real-time status notifications
  • Improves product quality through anomaly detection and "out-of-spec" alerts
  • Improves operator safety with hazardous condition alerts


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