Success Path
Everything you need to know to upgrade your ThingWorx Platform

Provide Support

You need to monitor end-user usage, ensure smooth upgrades with no issues, and prepare your internal application support team.

Provide Go-Live Support

During and immediately following deployment, the project team and support team should be readily available to resolve any issues. Make sure the workers who support and use your ThingWorx applications are ready for go-live. These users will need permissions to access everything within the application. In addition, users should also know how to reach IT team.

PTC offers the following services to support you with your upgrade:

  • Dedicated Support Engineers:short term service, support, and attention for go live events or other critical milestones events. Direct phone and email access to a dedicated Support Engineer.
  • Technical Support Account Managers: long term service to ensure that software is running smoothly. They help manage and prioritize critical issues and project-based requirements. They will take care of onboarding tools and processes and guide you towards a successful upgrade.
  • Upgrade and Migration Weekend Support: very short-term service where a directly accessible PTC Support Engineer is assigned to provide a higher support level over the weekend. PTC Support Engineer will be well aware of your IT environment, project plan and scope of potential support assistance needed by your organization before the weekend activities

If you are interested in these services, Talk to a Customer Success Expert.

Transition to Long Term Support

After deployment, the team who implemented the version upgrade will transfer ownership to your dedicated support organization. This team will be responsible for providing technical support to your ThingWorx Admins and end-users, among other duties. Ensure the application support team is trained and prepared to resolve potential issues.

After the handoff, your support organization should never make changes to the application in production. If there is a problem, make the necessary changes on the development server, test them, and then publish them to production. Finally, note the change in the documentation.

Transferring ownership to the customer’s trained and dedicated support organization should be shared widely, referencing best practices and recommendations.

If your application is running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, then 1-2 employees should be reachable outside of regular business hours in case of emergencies.

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