Webcast Replay: Augmented Reality’s Value to Training and Knowledge Transfer

Original Broadcast Date: March 12, 2020

The value of expert industrial workers goes beyond their immediate productivity – they’re also vital for training the next generation of workers. As the demographic for experienced frontline workers begins aging out, today’s companies face the challenge of not only capturing their knowledge, but also presenting it in a more compelling way for new workers.

Augmented reality is currently solving this challenge. Companies who adopt AR into their training programs are reducing training time, improving quality, and showing their employees proper safety and compliance procedures.

Watch this on-demand webcast with IDC to learn how your company can use AR to:

  • Keep expert skills and knowledge from walking out the door
  • Attract and retain the digital native demographic to your workforce
  • Expedite training and time-to-productivity for new workers
  • Share knowledge across your organization more efficiently



Tom Mainelli

Tom Mainelli, Group VP, Devices & AR/VR, IDC

Sarah Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds, VP Marketing, PTC

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