Servigistics Connected Service Parts Management

Utilize Data from Connected Assets to More Accurately Forecast and Plan Service Parts Demand

How often do you try to determine the location of assets or the size of your install base? How much more accurate could your parts forecast be if you could take advantage of asset specific performance data? Without a Connected Service Parts Management solution your only option is to base parts forecasting on historical and aggregated failure and usage data.

IDC surveyed service leaders on the adoption of connected service solutions.

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What if you could:

  • See all your assets, where they are located and how they are performing?
  • Ensure that a part will be available long before the equipment shows signs of failure?
  • Forecast and plan parts demand across a fleet or group of assets?
  • Use causal forecasting to improve asset up-time and performance?

Today you can!

PTC Connected Service Parts Management enables visibility to the connected install base including asset location and utilization. Performance data from the connected assets is collected and organized to calculate accurate predictive spare part demand forecasts using install base / causal techniques. The solution leverages the power of IoT by combining information from connected devices and other sources (e.g. engineering data) to feed causal values and product rollout information to PTC’s Service Parts Management software. PTC Connected Service Parts Management leverages power of IoT by collecting, transforming and organizing data reported directly by equipment in the field.

IoT Meets Service Parts PlanningIoT Meets Parts Planning Webinar

Learn how connecting real-time data can improve causal forecast accuracy, spares demand planning, visibility to the install base, inventory investment, equipment availability, and service levels. Learn more »

PTC’s smart connected service solutions help companies generate unprecedented value for their organization and their customers by redefining the service business model.

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