Capture and create new 2D freehand concepts

End the tyranny of the cocktail napkin! Creo Sketch is a free 2D CAD application that offers the easiest way for anyone to quickly sketch out product design ideas and share them electronically with customers, suppliers, and coworkers. It lets you add color and other visual enhancements to transform quick sketches into finished artwork. What’s more, 2D images created with this app can be imported into other Creo apps and used as the basis for improved 3D CAD designs. By capturing ideas digitally that can be used as trace sketches and developed further in CAD, you can increase innovation, enhance collaboration, and get winning product designs to market faster.

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Creo Sketch features and benefits

With Creo Sketch, you can:

  • Replace traditional hand-drawn sketches for concept design, industrial design, illustrations, and design reviews
  • Create compelling, finished artwork easily by adding color or other special effects to sketches
  • Leverage 2D sketch data in other Creo apps such as Creo Parametric
  • Use sketches in conjunction with tablet devices to further increase production speed, convenience, and productivity
  • Enable marketing, suppliers, customers, and designers to communicate their ideas more easily, including those using Apple OS.