Mold Design

Improve the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Mold Design and Tooling

A mold is a hollow unit into which molten material is poured to form a casting. Mold design is the analysis, design, and refinement of molds for industrial manufacturing.  Molds must be able to form the solid part out of the molten material, cool the part so it can solidify, and eject the part from the mold. The list of ways in which a mold can fail to accomplish these purposes is long and vivid. 

It's not surprising that mold design has a critical impact on the cost-effectiveness and quality of molded parts and thus of your product. A bad mold can give you that sinking feeling in more ways than one.

Creo Tool Design Extension creates the most complex single-cavity and multi-cavity molds and casts with ease. Evaluate mold draft, undercut and thickness problems, and then automatically create parting surface and splitting geometry in a process-driven environment that’s simple–even for the occasional user–who needs to create complex tooling quickly.

Expert Moldbase Extension gives you a familiar 2D environment for moldbase layout–and get all the benefits of 3D! The 2D process-driven GUI offers a catalog of standard and custom components, and updates your model automatically during the development of the moldbase, by providing a catalog of standard and customized components. Your resulting 3D models are then used for interference checking during mold opening, as well as automatic generation of deliverables such as detail drawings and BOMs.