Improve Operations in Oil and Gas

Increase efficiency across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations

From enhancing operational intelligence through IoT industrial connectivity, analytics, and machine learning to empowering your workforce through augmented reality (AR) applications and experiences—PTC provides the technology you need to reduce costs, maximize return on assets, and improve worker productivity and safety.

Gain Operational Intelligence

Collect data across your operations—from legacy equipment to new systems software—to maximize productivity and efficiency across upstream, midstream, and downstream processes:



Increase production rates, avoid unplanned downtime, improve worker productivity, and accelerate worker training


Maximize throughput, minimize energy costs, and ensure environmental compliance


Maximize return on assets, reduce operating expenses, and improve process safety and compliance

A Refinery of the Future

See how Texmark leveraged technology from PTC, Deloitte, HPE, and other strategic partners to modernize their operations by building a predictive maintenance and connected worker solution framework.

Transform Your Facility Today

Streamline operations, shorten launch timelines, and improve worker safety with:

  • Communications Management: Get complete visibility into of upstream, midstream and downstream operations
  • Detailed Reporting: Leverage real-time data to meet safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements
  • Predictive Analytics: Get alerts before assets require maintenance, operational modifications, or replacement
  • Augmented Reality: Enhance situational awareness, accelerate training, and provide detailed work instructions and remote guidance
  • A Single Version of Truth: Get clarity into all field assets, no matter how disparate the underlying legacy systems—both centrally and in the field
  • Connected Workers: Leverage context-aware and location-based monitoring to ensure worker efficiency and safety

PTC and Rockwell Automation

PTC rockwell Automation innovation suite

What happens when you combine industrial expertise with market-leading technology?  A partnership that delivers true industrial innovation with unprecedented visibility and control, an empowered workforce, and next-level efficiencies with IoT, AR, connectivity, SCADA and Analytics in one integrated suite.

PTC and Rockwell Automation are bridging IT and OT by connecting the world of data with the scale of industrial automation – helping operators achieve a fully connected enterprise.

PTC and Microsoft

By combining industrial IoT, connectivity, cloud technologies, and mixed reality to enable smarter connected operations and improved workforce productivity—PTC and Microsoft are providing workflow solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

Howden HoloLens PTC and Microsoft with Vuforia

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IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas

ThingWorx Industrial IoT

ThingWorx connectivity, powered by Kepware, ensures connectivity to devices, applications, and data sources across your organization for complete clarity into operations.

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IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas

Vuforia Augmented Reality

With AR, you can increase technician proficiency, maximize output, reduce assembly errors, and improve safety.

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IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas

Industrial Connectivity

A standardized industrial connectivity layer solves interoperability challenges and enables IIoT-driven business transformation.

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