Digital Twin Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… How’s My Product Doing After All?

Imagine that you still have access to your product, even though it has left the factory floor and now is in your customers’ hands. If that were the case, you would know how your customer actually was using the product. That would be handy information to have as you sell to prospective customers or talk to current ones about upgrading. Moreover, you’d have a complete picture of the product’s current and past states – which can help predict the future.

A Digital Twin does all of this, without requiring you to knock down your customers’ doors on a regular basis. With a Digital Twin, each manufactured asset has a maintained digital record of the current and past configuration or state – including changes to hardware and software components.

Complete traceability is just the beginning. Using the Digital Twin, you can monitor performance, security, open source, legal and regulatory compliance throughout the asset’s history.

Digital Twin:

  • Improves profitability by analyzing the configurations of fleets of assets for future sales, recalls, or update opportunities
  • Improves decision making by analyzing individual assets against their real-world usage
  • Ensures security, legal, and regulatory compliance thanks to hardware and software configuration traceability

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