PTC Reality Lab

We research the new, the uncharted, the possible next technologies.

When we started this research and innovation lab at PTC, our executives gave us these tasks:

  • Build a lab in the spirit of the MIT Media Lab.
  • Build a lab that focuses on the strategy and vision of PTC, convergence of the physical and digital.

We could have named it just an innovation lab, but instead of creating a lab with a broad name that could be everything and at the same time nothing, we wanted to set this lab onto a specific mission. The name should represent, at every given moment, where the journey is going: changing the fabric that weaves our reality. This encompasses what we all do at PTC.

The spirit of the MIT Media Lab is “demo or die.” Demo or die means that we have to make something a reality and not just innovate into the blue. Therefore, the name PTC Reality Lab serves multiple meanings.

When we research technology, we do so with a focus on the needs of industrial companies. We use Augmented Reality, Generative Design, Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, Robotics, and Digital Twin, all in the context of the Physical Reality. These are technologies that influence or empower at least one version of what we call reality. This is the essence of what PTC and the PTC Reality Lab do. Our ultimate goal is to shape something that is only one reality, and for that we have created the PTC Reality Lab.

The PTC Reality Lab is researching the new, the uncharted, the possible next technologies that enable industrial companies to defend or advance their competitive advantage.


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