PTC’s Corporate Experience Center (CXC)

Whether in-person or virtual, the CXC shows how customers leverage PTC’s digital solutions with immersive and interactive experiences.

Bringing to Life Digital Transforms Physical

The transformational power of PTC’s technologies takes center stage at the CXC. Our guests—customers, prospects, partners, analysts, and media—are treated to an interactive, immersive experience, highlighted by state-of-the-art technologies and real-world applications.

Move around our space in 3D to see what industrial innovation we have on display. Note: This experience is best viewed on a desktop.

What to Expect from the CXC


Experience how our digital technologies transform your physical product, processes, and workforce.

Get hands-on with the latest digital technology and explore real-world use cases to understand how your company can achieve business impact with digital transformation. Whether in-person or virtual, guests participate in highly customized technical demonstrations to reveal how other organizations have overcome challenges and managed operational changes to effectively face disruption. At PTC, we’re dedicated to sharing these lessons that will fuel innovation and drive success on your path forward.


Engage with thought leaders executing on digital transformation

Experience cutting-edge technology and innovation

Interact with real-world use cases and applications

The CX Studio: Transforming the Virtual Experience

The CXC has always served as a setting to share our customer’s stories; combining their physical products and experiences with our technical expertise to demonstrate the impact of PTC’s solutions. With the CX Studio and extended reality (xR), we’re expanding the breadth of stories we’re able to tell – to meet a wide range of customers’ business needs while enriching how we’re telling those stories.


Digital Thread

Digital Thread

Spark innovation and break down silos across your value chain through improved transparency and accuracy of information.

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Visit the CXC: Digital Thread

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence

Deliver higher-performing product designs more quickly, efficiently, and with less expense.

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Visit the CXC: Engineering Excellence—Generative Design

Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing Efficiency

Improve manufacturing productivity by driving the effectiveness of both assets and workers.

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Visit the CXC: Manufacturing Efficiency

Sales & Marketing Experiences

Sales & Marketing Experiences

Accelerate sales cycles, reduce sales overhead, and differentiate your offering.

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Visit the CXC: Sales & Marketing Experiences

Service Optimization

Service Optimization

Increase service effectiveness and drive customer satisfaction while reducing overhead costs.

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Visit the CXC: Service Optimization


Discover what’s on the horizon in our PTC Reality Lab.

Where we research the new, the unchartered, the possible next technology to enable industrial companies to defend or advance their competitive advantage.

Explore the PTC Reality Lab


The CXC is Located in Boston, MA, USA

PTC World Headquarters
121 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA 02210