"We couldn’t look at our supply chain as a network of independent locations anymore, it’s not the most optimal for our customers. We have to have parts available at the correct place and at the correct time. "
Sébastien Bergé Metso Manager of Services, Global Process Development

"Metso is a perfect example of a customer achieving greater efficiency by moving to cloud hosting. We can alleviate demand on Metso IT while guaranteeing uptime and availability of the solution so they can take care of their customers."
Johannes Loeffler, PTC Cloud Services Business Lead EMEA

"We now have a reactive and agile supply chain. If there are changes in the market, whether it’s going up or down, our supply chain is able to react quickly to those changes so we can keep and gain business momentum and ensure world-class customer service."
Sébastien Bergé, Metso Manager of Services, Global Process Development