The Creators Program empowers startups to become game changers

The Creators Program provides everything you need to successfully turn even the most ambitious ideas into reality before anyone else. The program equips you with our powerful 3D design and engineering platform, Creo, empowering you to successfully develop product designs and bring products to market at the right time and cost.

Program details:

  • PTC Creo

    Creo: Our powerful 3D design and engineering platform comes with a complete range of capabilities like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, generative design, additive manufacturing, and Ansys-powered simulation tools ranging from real-time to high fidelity simulation and analysis—all in one platform.

    PTC Creo for startups

    Real-time design guidance and optimization: Incorporate simulation early in your design process and utilize Ansys-powered, real-time structural, modal, thermal, and fluid flow analyses to modify and iterate on your designs.

    Optimize your designs: Our AI-driven generative design software autonomously creates optimal designs from requirements you define, including preferred materials and manufacturing processes.

    Smart connected design: Design smart connected products and understand how your products are being used and performing against spec.

    Augmented reality design share: Use augmented reality to create more meaningful interactions between your designs and people. Instead of sharing designs through a flat, 2D-monitor or piece of paper, bring them into the real world where stakeholders can experience them in 3D—at scale, in context, anywhere in the world, instantly.

    Additive manufacturing: Only Creo gives you the power and flexibility you need to design, optimize, innovate, validate, and run a print check—all in one environment. Add lattices to optimize and strengthen your designs with little weight.

  • Training

    Live expert-led training with Creo LEARN Online: Get unlimited access to 30+ virtual, live, instructor-led sessions. Utilize the dynamic calendar to enroll into 3-hour sessions featuring 100+ hours of hands-on learning. The curriculum guide showcases the courses we have on offer along with opportunities to get professional certifications.

    Creo Learn live expert-led training for startups

    Creo e-Learning catalog: Get 24/7 access to our e-Learning catalog and explore Creo capabilities at your own pace.

    Creo e-Learning catalog for startups

    PTC Knowledge Base: Access product documentation, tutorials, how-to instructions, best practices, and guidance on configuring and using PTC software all in one place.

    PTC Knowledge Base for startups
  • Support

    Gold Level Support: Includes 24/5 telephone support, two-hour response time, 24/7 access to web-based support, free 3D CAD models, drawings libraries, software plug-ins, access to software fixes and new releases, and live remote desktop diagnostics.

    Gold Level Support for startups

    PTC User Community: Connect to our community portal to learn best practices, and exchange thoughts on relevant topics.

    PTC User Community for startups

    PTC Help Center: The Help Center provides access to the help for your application and to other resources such as free tutorials and information on what's new.

    PTC Help Center for startups
  • Co-marketing opportunities

    Let’s build on the strengths of our brands and engage in co-marketing activities, creating value for both your organization and PTC. We are committed to helping your brand grow.

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Creo capabilities for startups

Join the Creators Program and enjoy all its benefits at a very special startup price for up to 3 years.*

*View program eligibility criteria below.

Explore the complete list of Creo capabilities you can access in your product design efforts.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Startup is an officially registered company (company registration certificate is required)
  • Startup designs, manufactures (or intends to manufacture) and sells a discrete physical product or a family of products – this product is of the startup’s own intellectual property, forms the primary purpose of the startup’s existence, and solves a real-world challenge
  • Startup has a business plan and a clearly defined company purpose and vision. Both the product and company purpose and vision are clearly presented on the startup’s website (if the website is under construction at this very moment, other ways of demonstrating the startup’s product, purpose and vision will be required)
  • Startup has been in business no more than 6 years from the date of company registration
  • Startup generates less than $1 million USD in revenue annually (or equivalent amount in local currency)
  • Startup has received less than $2 million USD in funding since the date of company registration (or equivalent amount in local currency)
  • Startup is a new PTC customer and does not possess any PTC products or services with the exception of PTC Mathcad
  • If Startup has parents, subsidiaries or sister companies, all equally should meet the eligibility criteria
  • Startup is not a consultant, reseller, contract manufacturer or service provider

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Please note that for 2nd and 3rd year participation, having a public company website with sufficient information about your company, purpose, vision, business activities, and product(s) is required.

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