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Maximize Service Revenue and Boost Service Profitability by 50%

Digitally transform your service organization to deliver more efficient, proactive service that maximizes customer uptime—and your revenue.

Adopt New Service Solutions to Drive Revenue and Create Customer Value

revenue growth
Increasing service revenue requires expanding the abilities of your service organization beyond the endless break-fix cycle. Enable your teams to predict issues before they cause downtime, resolve issues remotely, help customers to self-serve, improve first-time fix rate, and reduce mean time to repair. Utilizing solutions that expand and maximizs your service capabilities and efficiency will empower you to upsell higher-level SLAs.

PTC helps customers to be predictive, proactive, preventive, and more efficient, achieving: 
Up to 50%

-  increase in service profitability 

Up to 83%

-  faster resolution times

Up to 75%

-  faster on-site visits

Up to 50%

-  faster issue response

Up to 30%

-  less unscheduled downtime

Up to 92%

-  First-time fix rate

Increase Service Revenue With the Right Capabilities

PTC works with leading service organizations to transform how they support their customers. By using smart, connected solutions, these service teams are replacing reactive service with new, more successful models. The result is a service environment where:

  • Asset performance is continuously monitored
  • Maintenance is based on conditions
  • Downtime can be predicted and prevented
  • More services are administered remotely
  • On-site services are more efficient and require fewer truck rolls

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime
Real-time Data
Remote Monitoring
Consumables Revenue
Predictive Maintenance

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Prevent costly unplanned downtime by monitoring asset conditions, detecting performance changes that can lead to failures, and responding proactively.

Real-time Data

Transform real-time data into actionable insights to help customers work and operate machines more efficiently.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor customer machine health to detect and prevent potential issues before they cause costly downtime.

Consumables Revenue

Usage monitoring can optimize consumable fulfillment, keeping customers appropriately stocked with valuable supplies and creating high-margin revenue opportunities.

Predictive Maintenance

Replace scheduled maintenance with intelligent, condition-based predictive services to reduce customer interruptions and service costs.