Industrial Connectivity for Machine Builders

Deliver connected machines to meet manufacturing demand, increase product value, and gain competitive advantage.

Addressing Product Challenges with Industrial Connectivity

Customers demand new capabilities and reliability, and shareholders expect growth while competitors driven down margins. Machine builders like you are responding to these pressures using the industrial IoT. But before you can harness the IIoT, you require industrial connectivity for machine builders. Off-the-shelf, standardized industrial connectivity accelerates this process, so that you can focus on higher-value IIoT innovation.

Increase Product Value with Standardized Connectivity

While building custom connectivity has long been an option for machine builders, it’s typically cost-prohibitive, and requires a dedicated team with specific skills. In contrast, standardizing your process for delivering connected machines has substantial cost advantages, and offers additional benefits:


Introduce standardized, ubiquitous connectivity, and keep engineers focused on high-value design/build and innovation.

Secure Customer Uptime

Ensure uninterrupted connectivity, prevent security threats, and minimize the potential for customer downtime.

Meet Customer Demand

Keep pace with evolving customer requirements built on the connectivity, such as IIoT-driven digital transformation.

Sustained Value

Replace custom development costs with perpetually reliable and supported connectivity.

Unlock Value-Driven Use Cases via Industrial Connectivity

An out-of-the-box solution provides near-immediate industrial connectivity for machine builders. But machine builders need to look ahead and anticipate using connectivity to enable valuable IIoT-driven use cases.

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Discover Kepware—the Leader in Industrial OT Connectivity

Kepware offers industry–leading industrial connectivity. Kepware can help you create a pipeline of industrial equipment data to improve product reliability, service quality, and customer approval. Discover why it's recommended by analysts, trusted by innovators, and the first choice for building connected machines.

Extend Connectivity Value with Complementary Products

PTC is committed to unleashing innovation for our customers through digital transformation. Here are some of the additional products that build on industrial connectivity for greater value and capabilities..

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