Enable New Business Models to Power Revenue Growth

Give your customers new reasons to buy from you. Introduce new products, optimize existing offerings, and adopt new business models that address emerging market needs.

Create customer value with new business models

Leaders are transforming their industries by creating new ways to monetize products and services—and redefining their businesses in the process. Companies can leverage the connected capabilities of Internet of Things technology to introduce billing models based on cycle counts or other Product-as-a-Service and servitization models. Once you’re connected across all systems and devices, you can create new value-add services offerings on your customers’ utilization and capacity needs. PTC customers use IIoT solutions to achieve:

Up to

Up to

Increase in service profitability 

Increase in service profitability 

Up to

Up to

Improvement in OEE

Improvement in OEE

User data drives IoT new business models and revenue opportunities

Standardized data connectivity across all devices and systems opens the door for many IoT new business model opportunities. Companies facing global challenges armed with remote connectivity are ahead of the game and able to pivot to remote resolution and predictive service for optimized end user productivity. Monitoring your customers’ usage patterns and capacity utilization creates opportunities for consumables sales, as well as “pay by use” models that reduce upfront CapEX requirements for your customers.

PTC customers focused on driving revenue growth through new lines of business have found success with the following IoT new business models:

Unlock Service Value

Product as a service (PaaS)

Product as a Service shifts the value from physical products to the usage and productivity of your equipment. See how PaaS can expand your customer base and create new revenue streams. Unlock Service Value
Optimize Consumable Sales

Consumables fulfillment

Optimize revenue from consumables by automating resupply for end users based on their usage patterns. Use connected products to service customers with accurate, predictive replenishment of consumable supplies. Optimize Consumable Sales
Boost Customer Productivity

Overall equipment effectiveness

Become a partner in your customers’ success. Market smart connected assets that will help them improve their OEE metrics. Boost Customer Productivity
Redefine Customer Success

Drive service revenue

Understand system uptime and performance to specification to adapt your service offering and create higher-level SLAs from improved service levels. Redefine Customer Success
Data-Driven Service Models

IT/OT convergence

Remove the silos between customers’ IT and OT systems for flexibility that enables site-wide, product-agnostic monitoring—and leads to service revenue growth. Data-Driven Service Models

Building new business models with PTC

By addressing customer issues with innovative digital solutions, PTC customers are rethinking the status quo to discover new business models.



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