Maximize Revenue Potential With Smart Consumables Services

Complement your product revenue and minimize customer downtime with predictive consumables fulfillment

What are consumables in business?

Many industrial products require the regular consumption of raw supplies. Consumables are any non-durable good or product that get used up through operation of your equipment. From chemicals in medical lab machinery to wire elements in welding equipment, your end users rely on these components to ensure uptime and productivity in their operations. For owners, these consumables represent a necessary cost; for suppliers, they are a key source of revenue.

Manufacturers often compete with third-party vendors to supply consumables for their own product offerings. But these manufacturers have a potential competitive advantage, in the form of .

Building capabilities into products offers multiple benefits, from cutting downtime to boosting efficiency. But monitoring can also be used to perfect consumable fulfillment. For customers this means never facing downtime due to supply shortages, while avoiding excess inventory costs. For manufacturers, it represents a unique competitive offering that comes with high-margin, recurring revenue opportunities.

Building your smart consumables strategy

Never lose another high-margin consumable sale.

One of the biggest benefits of an enterprise IIoT platform is that it’s relatively easy to deploy the capabilities needed for direct consumable fulfillment services. Platforms like ThingWorx include the connectivity, monitoring, and visualization resources needed to efficiently pilot and launch a consumables revenue initiative. In fact, for many machine builders, these are the same IoT capabilities they are using to optimize their own manufacturing operations.

Real-time data

Real-time data visibility can transform your service capabilities. Ensure peak efficiency, prevent machine failures, and precisely anticipate your customer’s consumable supply needs.  Deliver Real-Time Insights

Remote condition monitoring

Remote monitoring is a reliable first step in IIoT-enabled industrial service. It also serves as a launchpad for predictive analytics, remote service, and consumables optimization. Transform Service with the IIoT

ThingWorx IIoT solutions platform

Explore ThingWorx, the IIoT solutions platform purpose-built with all of the features you need to accelerate digital transformation—including pre-built apps. Purpose-Built for the IIoT

Expanding revenue potential with PTC

For leading machine builders, digital transformation has provided a means to discover new revenue sources that build on the value of your products, services, and support. See how PTC customers are using our technology to transform service value.



Sysmex is automating consumables replenishment by using PTC’s IIoT solutions to measure cycle counts and customer product usage.

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