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Unlock the Cost Saving Benefits of Augmented Reality

Original Broadcast Date: September 5, 2019

Early adopters of industrial augmented reality are proving that the immersive knowledge-sharing technology can deliver incredible value in the manufacturing, maintenance, and technical service sectors. In a new Total Economic Impact™ study1 commissioned by PTC. In a new Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by PTC, Forrester Consulting interviewed real PTC Vuforia customers to understand the financial benefits gained by investing in enterprise augmented reality.

Watch on demand to learn exactly what kind of benefits, ROI and payback period organizations that invest in AR can expect in the near and distant future. Register now to discover how AR can create millions in savings by:

  • Accelerating knowledge transfer and reducing new hire training time
  • Increasing field service quality and productivity to minimize overtime spend
  • Improving documentation quality and the time it takes to create technical documents
  • Reducing waste, spoilage, and rework by facilitating better production processes

Want to know how to generate millions in quantified industrial AR benefits across your organization? Watch the replay today.

1The Total Economic Impact™ Of PTC Vuforia, a July 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of PTC


Sam Conway

Sam Conway, Total Economic Impact Consultant, Forrester

Mike Campbell

Michael Campbell, EVP Augmented Reality Products, PTC