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Augmented Reality: A Winning Strategy for Service

Augmented Reality is transforming service and driving unprecedented value

Augmented Reality (AR) will play a pivotal role in the evolution of the industrial enterprise

Organizations are already leveraging AR technology to gain strategic advantage, enable their field technicians and improve customer satisfaction with turnkey technology—all while utilizing existing data.

In addition to enhancing field service, AR can help facilitate knowledge transfer and development across your service organization. Today, with a large percentage of the workforce nearing retirement age, knowledge transfer is a major concern. Remote assisted guidance applications can deliver veteran technicians down to the shop floor virtually—without the cost and time of physically travelling on-site.

AR also provides a compelling alternative to traditionally printed service documents. Manuals are often outdated, cumbersome to use and expensive to maintain. But with interactive AR guidance and training, your new hires will be more engaged, enjoy a shorter learning curve, and can easily reference step-by-step instructions if they have a question in the field.

74% of manufacturing executives identified service as a significant driver of future revenues*