Augmented Reality for the Enterprise Augmented Reality empowers innovators and developers to build immersive experiences that transform the way users create, operate and service products in the smart, connected world.

Unlock the Value of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has the power to fundamentally change the way people work. It bridges the digital and physical worlds, providing value across the enterprise. When coupled with IoT data, AR applications become truly transformative experiences, driving many enterprises to completely re-imagine how they design, produce, sell, operate and service their products.

Changing Business Outcomes – Today!

By incorporating AR into their IoT strategy, enterprises across the globe are bringing clarity and efficiency to a variety of initiatives across diverse industries.

AR Service

Service - Manuals & Instructions

Improve service margins, worker safety, response times and first-time fix rates.


Sell - Product Visualization & Demonstrations

Enhance sales and marketing efforts through interactive product demos, visualizations and digital showrooms.

Work Instructions

Work Instructions

Empower workers, optimize manufacturing processes and improve assembly time, accuracy and throughput.

Design Review

Design - Digital Design Review

Facilitate anytime, anywhere collaboration between engineers and designers with virtual prototypes.

Job Training

Train - Job-specific Training

Improve retention, understanding and productivity by using interactive, 3D product visualizations in training.


Operate - Heads-up Display

Enhance operator efficiency, reduce errors and provide guidance for rapid problem detection and resolution.

Experience the power of AR for yourself!

Visit the ThingWorx Studio Experience Gallery to see potential AR use cases in the industrial enterprise ─ download the PDF below and follow the instructions.

Download Experience Gallery ThingMark

Meet ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for creating, deploying and consuming game-changing AR experiences in the enterprise. Easily leverage existing 3D content and integrate IoT and enterprise systems data without needing to write a line of code ─ effectively spending a fraction of the time and money typically needed to implement AR.

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"Sales and Marketing … it just not about providing a graphic, you can provide customers with [virtual] products that have yet to be manufactured and not having to send a unit to location, but still have a to-scale example that you can walk around and see all the information"
Sandra Humphreys, Engineering CAD Specialist – Fujitsu

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Gain a first-mover advantage with early access to tools that are specifically built to make AR authoring fast, simple and scalable.

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Learn more about Augmented Reality from PTC

In addition to ThingWorx Studio, discover additional Augmented Reality solutions available from PTC for creatively solving problems based on your unique business requirements.

  • PTC offers Vuforia, the industry's most advanced and widely adopted AR technology platform for custom development
  • Leverage content created in Creo 4.0 to improve digital product reviews.
Vuforia Creo 4.0

Explore IoT and AR Education and Supporting Services

Introducing IoT University

Discover the latest innovations in IoT and AR with active learning experiences, hands-on projects and personalized feedback from industry mentors.

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