Industrial Augmented Reality

Analyst Report: Measuring the Business Impact of Industrial Augmented Reality

AR is shaping more than product and user experience—it’s innovating design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service. How is your industry adopting AR? Where do its practitioners see the fastest growth and time-to-value? Get the answers in IDC's Report: How AR Drives Real-World Gains in Service, Training, Sales & Marketing, and Manufacturing.

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Optimize Your Workforce with AR

Technology has transformed your products and processes, but what about your most important industrial resource? Industrial augmented reality companies are helping revolutionize how you train and empower your workers. From service excellence and overall operational efficiency, to reduced downtime and training costs, discover why AR is the best way to supercharge your workforce.

Supercharging Workforces with AR

Vuforia: PTC's Market-Leading Industrial AR Solution

The Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite provides industrial enterprises with a powerful new way to publish work instructions, transfer expertise, provide hands-on training, and deliver remote assistance. With a suite of offerings, Vuforia is optimized for rapid time-to-value across multiple industries or use cases.

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