Digital Solutions for Industrial Machinery

Boost revenue and efficiency and lower costs with solutions that deliver customer-centric products, improve service, and empower teams to be productive with data and insights.

Mechanical and plant engineering is changing

Adoption of industrial machinery solutions has accelerated in recent years to keep up with changing customer expectations, rising costs, and competitive pressures. Results-oriented business models and machines as a service (MaaS) shift the balance from product to service offering as manufacturers and work toward increasing the overall benefit for customers.

Create measurable and scalable benefits in less time

The digital transformation is gaining momentum in mechanical and plant engineering. Manufacturers strive to address the most urgent problems in the value chain—from conception to customer operation—as quickly as possible. In doing so, they want to maximize sales, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

With a wide range of turnkey capabilities, PTC focuses on creating value with agility and speed. Many years of industry expertise, an open architecture, and proven standards are taken into account. Interfaces and modern web technology facilitate flexible operation on your own servers, in the cloud, or hybrid.

How can we help you?

Maximize revenue growth

Meet customer expectations and expand onto new markets with solutions to help you enable new business models, expand service offerings, offer mass-customized products, and reduce lead time. Boost Revenue

Reduce costs

Improve profitability and gain a competitive edge with solutions that help lower costs of goods sold and warranty to optimize service execution. Reduce Costs

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency across the value chain from factory and field service asset efficiency to engineering productivity. Increase Efficiency

Real-world results for industrial machinery components companies

PTC’s solutions are helping leading companies get ahead of the competition.

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Howden enabled customers to increase operational efficiency by providing insights into equipment in a visual and easily consumable way.

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Cummins applies simulation-driven design to optimize resources with Creo’s generative capabilities.

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Learn how Festo uses Codebeamer to respond quickly to customer requirements.

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Harpak-ULMA leveraged Vuforia to improve technician training and empower their customers with self-service solutions, resulting in 80% faster tool rebuilds.

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Schneider Electric

ServiceMax offers Schneider Electric a breadth of functionalities as it fully and completely covers the end-to-end service delivery execution processes.

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Vestas drove efficiency and improved workforce productivity with solutions that enable operators with digital work instructions.

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KOEL reduced costs, improved productivity, and increased efficiency with solutions to better manage and share data across the organization.

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Industrial machinery technologies

Application lifecycle management

Collaborate across disciplines more efficiently to build better software faster, reducing cost and time to market.

Augmented reality

Empower your workforce with augmented work instructions, training, and real-time information to improve productivity, lower costs, and enhance safety.

Computer-aided design

Design, develop, and document innovative products with parametric modeling, generative design, and simulation and analysis tools.

Industrial connectivity

Securely and seamlessly access the OT data you need to automate processes and maximize efficiency with enterprise industrial connectivity.

Industrial IoT

Deliver optimized service and drive manufacturing efficiency with real-time insights and visibility into people, products, assets, and performance.

Product lifecycle management

Securely provide teams across the organization with timely product data that is managed with data governance and traceability processes.

Service lifecycle management

Deliver customer outcomes with the effective management of all service touch points across the product lifecycle with field service execution, service parts optimization, service information delivery, and more.

Industrial machinery news and resources

From Design to Delivery

Increase productivity in your product lifecycle by combining PLM with CLM.

Aberdeen Research E-book

Make sense of how PLM benefits the industrial manufacturing industry with this report to help leaders establish a culture of quality and agility.

Trumpf PLM Strategy

German industrial machinery manufacturer Trumpf leverages Windchill PLM to improve product development and manufacturing efficiencies.


Report: Worldwide SLM Platforms

PTC is named a leader in worldwide manufacturing service lifecycle platforms in IDC’s MarketScape vendor assessment report.

E-book: Improve Service With Equipment Monitoring

Learn how building remote condition monitoring creates value through improved uptime, features, service quality, and customer satisfaction.


Webinar: Rockwell Automation Enabled Real-time Visibility in Manufacturing

See how PTC partner Rockwell Automation leveraged IIoT to lower costs, improve operational performance, and empower workers with actionable insights.