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Kinetic AR

Augmented reality can serve as a flexible medium to configure smart objects in our environment; however, objects are not always static. Kinetic AR is a new field of augmented reality research where we explore the programming of motion in physical space. We present a holistic user experience framework for visual programming of robotic motion systems in Augmented Reality. The Kinetic AR framework facilitates human-robot collaboration in a co-located environment. Our goal is to present a deployable guide for the creation and visualization of manifold robotic interfaces while maintaining a low entry barrier to complex spatial hardware programming.

Watch the video of the PTC Reality Lab’s MiR 100 robot “Frida” to learn more.

Robotic Motion Systems in Spatial Computing

Explore the research published at CHI2020

Kinetic AR
Have you seen this research project from the @PTCRealityLab? Kinetic AR is a new field of #augmentedreality research that explores the programming of motion in physical space