Gain Critical Insights Into How Your Designs Will Perform

Structural analysis is the determination of the effects of static and dynamic loads on parts, assemblies and mechanisms in order to avoid failure in the intended use.  Colorful terms such as 'geometric buckling' give a vivid picture of what can happen when parts fail.   Ideally, simulation-driven design begins early in the product development process.  It helps find flaws earlier, extracts costs, speeds up design and improves your product’s quality.  Any engineer can do basic simulation.

Say you want to run a simulation on a part, looking to see at what point it would fail. If you were using Creo Parametric, you'd simply click a tab to move into Creo Simulate (can be used as an extension). You’d input reaction loads to Creo Simulate, define the structural analysis, and run it with a few clicks. You can interrogate the results, make changes, rerun the simulation - no need to recreate it - and be off. Creo Simulate can also be used as a standalone application. 


Here are just a few of analysis you can carry out:

  • Linear Static Structural Analysis
  • Static Structural Analysis with Small Displacement Contact
  • Modal Structural Analysis
  • Linear Buckling Structural Analysis

 For analysis of advanced non-linear effects, there is Creo Advanced Simulation Extension, an add-on to Creo Simulate.

Downloadable Data Sheets

Creo Simulate Datasheet

Creo Advanced Simulation Extension Datasheet