What is modal analysis?

Modal analysis is the determination of the effects of vibrations. This type of analysis uses the mass and rigidity of a structure to find at which points the component naturally resonates. With Creo Simulation Live, you can use instant modal analysis within your design process to provide design guidance.

Modal analysis for design engineers

Designers can incorporate modal analyses using Creo Simulation Live into their design process to adjust components in order to meet certain requirements.

This incorporation of simulation when designing is less about going into a full range of full fidelity simulation tools to guide your design decisions and more about using accurate easy-to-use studies that operate in real-time as you edit parts of your design to quickly gauge if something will work or not.

Modal analysis for analysts

Use modal analysis to calculate the natural frequencies and mode shapes of your model. You can also see the response to the natural frequencies of your model when it is subjected to time-dependent and/or oscillatory/vibration loads by running any dynamic analysis: dynamic time, dynamic frequency, dynamic random, or dynamic shock. Perform a modal analysis when you want Creo Ansys Simulation to calculate the natural or resonant frequencies (eigenvalues) of the model. Creo Ansys Simulation can also determine the relative displacements of the geometry when the model is vibrating at natural or resonant frequencies.