How to improve customer lifetime value with PTC

Discover how PTC customers are using our solutions to create longer lasting, more valuable customer relationships.


Heidelberg solves 70% of equipment problems remotely using PTC’s industrial IoT technology to monitor and diagnose customer printer problems.

Heidelberg Case Study


Flowserve saved their customer up to $16 million per hour in downtime costs by using PTC’s remote monitoring capabilities to catch and prevent critical issues before they occurred.

Discover Flowserve’s Success


ESAB doubled its customer’s equipment utilization by using PTC’s IoT solutions to provide better uptime and process automation, making their equipment more valuable to the end user.

ESAB Case Study


Sysmex automates consumables replenishment by using PTC’s connectivity and remote monitoring solutions to understand usage patterns and predict customer resupply needs.

Sysmex Case Study

Support customer lifetime value with key technology and solutions


Get Insights into CSAT

Discover the value of increasing operational performance by measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Service Council™ Research Report

Connect With Confidence

Enable standardized industrial connectivity across your PLC-controlled systems and assets in the field with ThingWorx Kepware Server.


Predict and prevent downtime

Predictive maintenance can transform your customer relationships by allowing you to minimize both service costs and downtime.


Analyze performance issues remotely

Remote machine diagnostics exposes root-cause issues, preparing your service technicians to solve customer problems in a single visit.


Optimize parts inventory

Optimize your parts inventory to prevent waste, while ensuring you always have the right parts in the right place at the right time to resolve customer issues.

Reduce WIP Manufacturing Inventory