Drive More Revenue by Upselling and Cross-selling

Monitor customer usage and throughput to prescribe services and products that will improve end user efficiency, value, and profitability—increasing customer lifetime value.

Use data to quantify customer needs and provide better value

Cross-selling and upselling opportunities are about more than the added revenue they bring. Equipment OEMs understand that cross-selling and upselling must deliver new value to their customers, and can help improve critical customer satisfaction. In today’s competitive market, the value of digital transformation is in understanding how customers are using your products, and how you can help them be more profitable. 

To achieve this, you need a precise understanding of capacity utilization to help your customers resolve performance issues. It also means partnering to help them improve their OEE metrics. With these insights, you can recommend more appropriate equipment, usage-based sales models, consumables, and other services. 


Real-time data

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

IT-OT Convergence

Capacity Utilization

Real-time data

Collecting real-time usage and performance insights can help you create strong recommendations to adjust the equipment needed to get the job done right, boosting customer efficiency and cutting downtime.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Get direct insights into performance, specification, and uptime to help calculate customer OEE metrics and recommend impactful improvements.

IT-OT Convergence

Extending connectivity between IT and OT systems can help ensure your customers have all the information they need regardless of where it’s stored. Enable teams to reduce unplanned downtime, activate predictive maintenance, and increase capacity utilization.

Capacity Utilization

Equipped with real-time data visibility into customer usage patterns, you’re able to offer the right equipment. This allows you to become a partner in your customer’s efforts to boost throughput, reduce downtime, accelerate changeover, and avoid unnecessary capital expenditures.

Discover the revenue potential of digital transformation

Technologies like the IIoT and augmented reality are enabling digital transformations across manufacturing and service industries. Make the connection between PTC technology and realizing revenue growth.

Connected Busineess Models

True digital transformation can deliver upsell opportunities—and create entire new avenues for monetization, including product as a service.

Reduce WIP Manufacturing Inventory

Industrial Connectivity

Industrial connectivity is a foundational technology that enables IIoT monitoring and data insights needed to uncover precise and prescriptive upselling and cross-selling opportunities.


ThingWorx Industrial IoT

Discover ThingWorx, the industrial IoT solutions platform purpose-built for digitally transforming your business.


Building Customer Value

Hear from the experts at IDC as they discuss how IIoT innovation unlocks service improvements and beyond—including leveraging usage data to improve product design.