Improve Customer Lifetime Value With Digital Service Offerings

Become a partner in your customers’ success with powerful tools to minimize downtime, predict consumable needs, and boost efficiency.

Build Customer Lifetime Value, Exceed Expectations Strengthen Loyalty

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Customer expectations for service and support are continually rising, and global competition only compounds those challenges. PTC enables companies to improve customer lifetime value by helping them optimize their service offering, improve customer satisfaction, drive service revenue, and improve efficiency—all while reducing service costs. Maximize attach rate, win sales on consumables and spare parts, and earn repeat business by using real-time monitoring and predictive analytics to drive superior service. PTC customers achieve:
Up to $16M

-  per hour in avoided end-user costs

Up to 50%

-  faster issue response

Up to 30%

-  less unplanned customer downtime

Up to 92%

-  First-time fix rate

Ensure Maximum Uptime and Output for Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Improving customer lifetime value isn’t one-dimensional; there are a number of factors that can enrich your customer relationships. At the end of the day, what makes a satisfied customer? Ensuring equipment runs to specification and intended capacity. 

If you’re able to make that happen for your customers, you’ll be able to reduce churn, increase renewals, and take a more active, prescriptive role in high-margin consumables sales. PTC helps companies improve customer satisfaction by enabling them to:

  • decrease the number and duration of incidents
  • accelerate the detection of the incidents that do occur
  • improve the ability to resolve incidents remotely
  • maximize the ability to fix it correctly the first time.

See how you can elevate your service capabilities and provide faster, more effective service to your customers.

Reduce Downtime
Field Service Productivity
Design Optimization
Upselling and Cross-Selling
Industrial Connectivity
Real-time Data
Eliminate NTF Calls

Reduce Downtime

Downtime is the enemy of profitability. Help your customers eliminate unplanned downtime and better manage scheduled downtime to maximize impact. 

Field Service Productivity

Reduce customer churn by improving your technicians’ efficiency, enabling them to solve issues quickly, get equipment back up and running, minimize customer downtime, and improve first-time fix rate.

Design Optimization

Use real-world conditions and simulation to make products more reliable and include new features that meet the demands of your customers.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Visibility into product usage data against intended capacity can help you propose valuable add-on services or prescribe products more suitable for customer needs.

Industrial Connectivity

Real-time data visibility, remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance—all these capabilities start with connectivity. By monitoring all equipment (including competitors), you can identify performance gaps impacting your end users’ success and profitability. 

Real-time Data

If you can’t see how your equipment is performing for your customer, you can’t know when a problem is going to occur. Collecting real-time data is vital in preventing downtime—and can also be used to help your customers boost efficiency.

Eliminate NTF Calls

Empower customers with data and tools to directly resolve issues on their own, eliminating the need for costly no trouble found truck rolls.

How to Improve Customer Lifetime Value With PTC

Discover how PTC customers are using our solutions to create longer lasting, more valuable customer relationships.


Heidelberg solves 70% of equipment problems remotely using PTC’s industrial IoT technology to monitor and diagnose customer printer problems.

Heidelberg Case Study


Flowserve saved their customer up to $16 million per hour in downtime costs by using PTC’s capabilities to catch and prevent critical issues before they occurred.

Discover Flowserve’s Success


Sysmex automates consumables replenishment by using PTC’s connectivity and solutions to understand usage patterns and predict customer resupply needs.

Sysmex Case Study