Integrity is now Windchill

PTC is rebranding Integrity to Windchill, integrating requirements, systems, and software engineering capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to announce that PTC is extending the Windchill brand to include all products that make up the PTC Product Lifecycle Platform. As such, the Integrity family of products will be rebranded under Windchill. We are retiring the Integrity brand and renaming the current Integrity family of products under the Windchill brand.

  • Q: Why make this change?

    A: In today’s world, demand for smarter, more connected products is paramount to driving product architects, engineers from all disciplines, and businesses, to collaborate and drive their product development cycles. Combining the product families under one consistent brand name, Windchill, better conveys the increased levels of integrations between the Windchill and Integrity Products, which yields a more seamless end-to-end Digital Engineering Solution for customers.
  • Q: When will this happen?

    A: PTC made this announcement at LiveWorx on June 10, 2019. The announcement has been supported by a press release, updates to, a blog post, and several other communications. Please look for them on
  • Q: What will the names change to and when will it take effect?

    A: There will be a 1 to 1 mapping from the old product names to the new. We have already begun to refer to the products by their new Windchill names, but the official product naming changes will take effect in the next available product release.

    Here are the mappings for the names of the products and planned release dates:

    Current Product Name New Product Name Effective Version Planned Date
    Integrity Lifecycle Manager
    Windchill RV&S (Requirements Validation & Source)
    Version 12.3
    December 2019
    Integrity Requirements Connector
    Windchill Requirements Connector
    Version 4.0
    December 2019
    Integrity Modeler
    Windchill Modeler
    Version 9.3
    March 2020
    Integrity Modeler SySim (and other Modeler add-ons)
    Windchill Modeler SySim (and other Modeler add-ons)
    Version 9.3
    March 2020
    Integrity Process Director
    Windchill Process Director
    Version 4.5
    July 2019
    Integrity Process Check
    Windchill Process Check
    Version 4.5
    July 2019
    Integrity Asset Library
    Windchill Asset Library
    Version 3.3
    July 2019
  • Q: How will the name change affect pricing quotes, invoices, and product downloads?

    A: You should experience very little change as PTC is not changing any part numbers for its products. These part numbers will simply have new descriptions and the name changes will be effective per the dates above. The only change you will see to quotes, invoices, and the download site, are the product names as mapped in the table below. These changes will take place later in June.

    Current Product Description New Product Description PTC Part Number
    PTC Requirements and Validation
    Windchill Requirements and Validation
    SPN-910180-F- or
    PTC Global Software Development Connector
    Windchill Source Code Management Connector
    SPN-910160-F- or
    PTC Model Based Systems Engineering
    Windchill Model-based Systems Engineering
    SPN-97114G-F- or
    PTC Software Modeling
    Windchill Software Modeling
    SPN-97119G-F- or
    PTC MBSE Code Generator Add-On
    Windchill MBSE Code Generator Add-On
    Integrity Process Director
    Windchill Process Director
    Integrity Process Consumer
    Windchill Process Consumer
  • Q: Will the rebranding affect how customers interact with PTC Support?

    A: There will be no changes to how customers work with PTC to receive support for their entitled products. The PTC Support website and backend systems are being updated and will incorporate the new naming as the products are released. Support engineers have been trained on the new naming convention, and customers will continue to receive the same level of excellent support.
  • Q: What does the market think of this change?

    A: The reaction from Stan Przybylinski from CIMdata sums it up best: “The addition of requirements management and systems engineering capabilities catapults Windchill as the solution of choice for customers needing to leverage a consolidated, up-to-date digital thread of product information, including requirements and system design.”
  • Q: What will happen on

    A: PTC’s marketing team has updated to reflect the new product names. The Integrity product names will remain visible for customers and will also reflect the name change of Integrity to Windchill. Eventually, all Integrity products on will be referenced under Windchill by their new names. For example, PTC’s model-based systems engineering product will be listed as “Windchill Modeler (formerly Integrity Modeler).” The Integrity Products are already located under the PLM and Windchill sections on so this structure will remain the same.